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Orrin Hatch Challenging the Washington Establishment

  • Author: Richard Vetterli
  • Book title: Orrin Hatch Challenging the Washington Establishment
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  • ISBN: 0895266296
  • ISBN13: 978-0895266293
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"Orrin Hatch's story is intimately entwined with some of the most critical events at one of the most crucial times in our nation's history. The real question is not whether this or that program is enacted into law, or whether the budget total is $10 billion one way or the other. The fact is that the people of the United States are dangerously close to losing control of their political system. A citadel of power sits astride the Washington scene, often impervious to the genuine needs and desires of the American people. Energized and supported by the vast resources of government in a milieu of false political ideology and crass self-interest, it is glamorized be a sensation-seeking and sometimes irresponsible press." - from the Preface --- This book is the story of that citadel of power and of one Senator's response to it.

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