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U.S. Import Statistics for Agricultural Commodities: (1981-1986)

  • Author: Kevin M. Yokoyama
  • Book title: U.S. Import Statistics for Agricultural Commodities: (1981-1986)
  • Category: Business & Money
  • Subcategory: Industries
  • ISBN: 0887382363
  • ISBN13: 978-0887382369
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This reference work presents six years (1981-86) of import data on agri­culturally-related commodities of non-animal origin, including timber prod­ucts. For each commodity, annual sta­tistics are listed for the quantity imported: the free-alongside ship (f.a.s.) value; the cost insurance and freight (c.i.f.) value; and the import charges. Dates are aggregated by the country of origin, region of unloading, and method of transportation. Overall annual sum­maries are also included.Import statistics were obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bu­reau of the Census, which collects data based on commodity descriptions in Tarriff Schedules of United States An­notated (TSUSA), an official publica­tion of the U.S. International Trade Commission. When the TSUSA de­scription provides sufficient informa­tion to identify the specific crop(s) that produced the product, data are grouped by crop along with the related com­modity data. Over 300 crops are in­cluded. A separate grouping is made for cases where the TSUSA description is too general foi identifying the crop.The book includes four indices: 1) an alphabetical listing of crops used in the import statistics together with related products; 2) a listing of non-crop spe­cific agriculturally related products that are classified into end-use categories; 3) a listing for each country of all products exported to the U.S.; 4) a listing of the TSUSA commodity descriptions to­gether with the crop(s) or end-use cate­gory under which data for that commodity is categorized.

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